Zombo is a mouse that likes beer! Nobody knows why he is a Principal teacher in School Learning House with Cool Pool, but there is a theory that he created the school, but nobody knows! His best friend is Bobby, he likes to drink beer with him.

In game[]

At the very start of the game, you work for him and get money. You must give him 20% of money at least every 4 minutes or he will get angry and kill you with his M4A4, if you work well, he gives you item "ZOMBO PROTECTOR 4962" which protects you from bad guys and monsters for 1 minute. When you earn 600$ you complete the Zombo level.


· His favorite website is

· He has a pet - Cat named Busya, Busya owns HK USP so be a bit careful!

·He has a world record of killed humans - 7823455 humans