Zebediah Folliner is a fan-made antagonist and teacher concept for AEwVS. He is in charge of RE in the school.


Zebediah has fuzzy grey hair, a face that has probably never been washed before, complete with a sweat-ridden, greasy beard and leering yellow eyes. He is clothed in a three piece lime green suit, and has a gold bow tie. When angered, he carries his small catapult to fire at the player from a distance, and his mallet to crush the player’s skull if they’re caught.


Zebediah works similar to most teachers; getting angry at incorrect answers, but his special property is summoning curses from the shrine, which he has an opportunity to do every notebook the player collects but he will not always do it. He can summon various things, such as demons to slow down the player, give them nausea effects, take items, block off areas and create fake notebooks.