Lavenza's "pet" Shadow Creature. It is mostly famous for attempting to eat Archangel Lorel. Seriously. It took a proper bite out of him.

It is somehow related to Bylaghrouz...

The vaguely dinosaur-like creature possesses a seemingly infinite appetite, and seems to consume both organic and inorganic matter for sustenance, though it seems to have a particular preference for....Angel wings. For rather obvious reasons, this is not something that it can be provided with very often. It also seems to really like chocolate. But who could blame it?

In the same way that a Dragon breathes Fire, Zakriel breathes a highly acidic, poisonous substance that currently has no official name. Its jaws, however, are it's almost powerful aspect, and are theorised to be capable of crushing Dragon scales and bones with just a single bite....well, when the little guy is fully grown, anyway. The creature's hands are comically undersized in comparison to it's body, and serve it no real purpose.

Despite being a Shadow Creature, it does not appear to like Apocrythan all that much, and attempts to headbutt him quite a lot.

Surprisingly, it gets along very well with Sundancer. The two of them make an excellent duo for killing Shadow Creatures. Much like Sundancer, it is capable of human speech, though to a slightly less advanced extent than the Dragonling. Just like any Shadow Creature, it is naturally fluent in Azarian. Zakriel wishes that, one day, it will be capable of flight, as basically everyone around it is, causing it to feel left out. ("Everyone", of course, does not refer to other Shadow Creatures, who Zakriel does not appear to be particularly fond of, considering it is being raised by Angels/ Dragons.)