Lavenza's special medicine. She can't go anywhere without it. It helps her with the "voices"......There are two variations of the medicine- one that is injected via a (somewhat nightmarish) syringe, and one that is edible, and tastes like.....candy, of all things. The reason for this is that Lavenza doesn't like the syringe due to it's appearance, but she also hates the taste of medicine.....So, out of any other options, the medicine's taste was tuned specifically to her palette. The medicine is to be consumed every 4 hours.

The "voices", or, more specifically, the condition that they are a part of, seems to run in Lavenza's family.( But then, it can't all be coming from her mother's side of the family, can it? While they all tend to have a few screws loose on one level or another, they rarely have the malice to back it up. And Lumineira doesn't want to count how many randos Lavenza knifed 'cause they didn't want to be her friends or because...well, just because why not? She grew out of it over time, which is great and everything, but she can probably think of worse things to do to someone now than just knifing 'em to death, which, y'know, isn't so great...) The severity of the condition seems to be completely random in each individual that suffers from it. For example, Lavenza's mother, Lumineira, does not need any medicine to help with the condition, meaning it is not very severe. Lavenza started taking her meds when she was 12. The medicine isn't....very common, so Lumineira's always dreaded the day when they will run out of it...forever. Lavenza herself does not seem concerned by this, but then again, she never did really like the medicine...well, the "candy's" alright, but it doesn't beat real candy, y'know?

Apocrythan, clearly not caring that no one wants to hear from him, goes on about how "burning things down, eating humans, and stealing jewellery" are perfectly normal things for a Dragon to do, so he doesn't see the need for drugs to try and silence something so..."natural". Apocrythan does seem to be perfectly aware that the things Lavenza does are NOT normal, for Dragons, humans, Angels or otherwise, and that she really DOES need those "drugs". Then again, Apocrythan did always love trying to get Lav to do bad things and then make her feel bad for it later, so, uh...being discreet isn't his thing, huh?

Literally everyone ever has a habit of making fun of Lavenza due to her sometimes unstable mental health, with Azukriel saying that she can't call him and Izdriel weird because "she's the psycho who needs to take drugs so that she doesn't murder everyone". Azukriel realised that this came off sounding...well, not very nicely. He was drunk though, and does have a reputation for being quite the jerk when drunk, one was too surprised?

Lavenza doesn't like the reality, but...Azukriel's kinda right. She wishes he wasn't. Why can't she just be a normal person...? She never said she wanted not right in the head. Or to be The Chosen Dragon....