Wyvern Way is a secret fanmade level for Aewvs.


Wyvern Way is a messy assortment of apartments & a shop. It can be completed by unlocking all five gridlocks on the grey door.Its apartments are filled with several dangerous inhabitants.


Viktor Strobovski is the teacher of the Math Level,He is here with his friend to hunt down Angell while she tries to escape wyvern way.

Yelda is viktor's friend and the teacher of the arithmetic level, his purpose in this level is the same as Viktor’s but Yelda has different mechanics.

Jenna Arwen is the teacher of the Literacy Level, she tries to stop Angell too but also Viktor and Yelda.

Puppet Combo Villians are enemies from the puppet combo games. They are found frozen in large tubes in one the apartments; Viktor will attempt to activate to stop Angell.Read more about them here:

Food Creatures are anomalies made out of different foods, they sometimes appear when Angell eats an edible item, and although they’re cute, give her a nausea effect unless Angell uses the gum item. Read more here:

Countryballs are strange balls fro Polandball, they represent different countries and are part of a minigame where you catapult them at each other. Read more about them here:

Hands are burnt hands detached from bodies that scuttle menacingly, and you get rewards for killing them

Killer Tomatoes - aggressive tomatoes that threaten and swear at Angell. Based off a spoof horror film, read more here:

Kithcen Creatures are from an apartment that is a massive kitchen. Read the source material here:

Kangaroos will bounce about freely around wyvern way and can be bribed with cookies.

Rubik's Cubes if the player walks into a specific room they will thrust themselves at Angell, demanding to be solved.

The Mist Creatures are the aliens from the novella & film that are part of minigame where’s you have to defend the shop from them. Read more about them here:

Boggarts are aggressive shape shifting monsters that cause chaos in wyvern way, although a docile one owns the Newsagents.

Winged Knives seem harmless enough at first, fluttering around a couple of the apartments, but occasionally a radio will turn on, causing them to go insanely hostile.

Anomalocaris is a prehistoric predator found in the fish tank survival minigame .

Hallucigenia is a 20-legged adversary from the fish tank survival minigame.

Opabinia is another enemy from the fish tank survival minigame.

Living Paintings are creepy pictures that will follow angell to catch her and transport her inside of them!


Cookie-Refills the player’s stamina bar, and can be used to distract kangaroos .
Gems- These are the same as the ones in the original game.
Orbs- see Orbs
Chicken leg- Gives the the player extra stamina.
Grenade- Can be thrown at a few characters to disable them.
Napalm- Can be found in the room to lock Jenna Arwen in. If used, it creates a huge explosion and crashes the game.
Hat- A test item that can be thrown and worn.
Countryballs(item)- Can be aimed carefully and thrown at other Countryballs to disable them and win the minigame.
Sword- Can be upgraded in several different ways and used to fight Kitchen Creatures.
Paperclip-Seems useless at first, but becomes a crude lockpick if the sword is used on it.
Crude Lockpick- Has a 20% chance of opening a locked door.
Cannabis Leaf- Can be eaten to give a psychedelic affect.
Cereal Variety Pack- Gives the player infinite stamina for 40 seconds or can be thrown at The Mist Creatures to temporarily disable them.
Photos- Bizarre disturbing photos which give the player a strong Nausea effect.
Yellow Key-Can open the room to lock Jenna Arwen.
Rainbow Key- Can open the shop.
Brown Key-Can open the storage room.

Level Mechanics[]

As mentioned earlier, Wyvern Way can be successfully completed by unlocking all five of the gridlocks on the grey exit door. No key opens any of the gridlocks, they can only be unlocked by inserting Wyvern Tokens, items similar to dcoins that are only obtained from playing the variety of minigames found in Wyvern Way. When you have enough tokens to disable all of the gridlocks, you can leave the level, but this is because the minigames are confusing & challenging, and Viktor and Yelda are trying to catch the player.