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This the page regarding the Woodwork Level and its items. Rarity:

  • Grey: Common
  • Green: Uncommon
  • Blue: Rare
  • Red or Black: Ultra Rare

Useless Items

Useless Items
Items Description Rarity
Foil Spawns in inventory after eating chocolate bars or crisps. Grey

Spawns in inventory after eating a cookie.

Crushed Soda Can Spawns in inventory after using a soda. Grey
Wood piece Found lying around on floors or in bins. Grey
Broken/ rusted tools Can be found on desks, bins or in lockers. Grey
Casing Appears in inventory after a muffin is used Grey
Empty Bottle Spawns in inventory after Unknown Juice is consumed. Grey

Edible Items

Edible Items
Items Description Rarity
Prawn Restores the Stamina bar by 25% Gray
Cookie Restores the stamina bar by 100% Green
Chocolate Muffin Infinite stamina for 10 seconds. Green
Crisps Can either restore the stamina bar by 85% or give infinite stamina for 12 seconds. Green
Unknown Juice Infinite stamina for 20 seconds or causes nausea Blue
Kebab Infinite stamina for 35 seconds.  Blue
Denfence Items
Items Description Rarity
Lemon berry sweet soda Can be fired at Carle & Edwin from a short distance Green
Floor Cleaner Can be fired from short range, stuns C&E for longer Blue
Shuriken Can be thrown from long range, stuns C&E while they try to remove it. Blue

Other Items

Other Items
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