This page summarizes the growth of the wiki, and is currently being worked on. Please add what you know to it!

March 2019[]

The wiki is founded on March 15, 2019 by Johnathon .V. Elsworth after his OC pages are disallowed on the main. He created a blog post advertising the wiki, but this was deleted due to it violating blog post guidelines. He and a few anonymous users create the first pages of the wiki, all of them in some way relating to VILE or Lavenza. Fatbucketto joins the wiki on March 22, making him the first logged in user other than the founder to join the wiki, although he became the first user to be blocked after making awful joke pages. Ellis394(formerly MuantusStreetus) joins the wiki on March 23 and creates their page, “Rusty Painting Frame” Artifact. AbsolLover66 also joins the wiki and creates an OC for her fangame, Kalinka but with an anonymous account.

April 2019[]

Johnathon .V. Elsworth creates several more pages, as well as more anonymous users joining, but no new users join.

May 2019-Feb 2020[]

A few new pages are created by anonymous users and the founder’s alts, but nothing more significant than this happens.

March 2020[]

The wiki is revitalised by a user named Toshdeluxd on March 22, who joins this wiki after his OC pages are deleted from the main wiki. Other users like Maxgaming1, RattyFilms, and others join the wiki a couple of days later and create more pages like the famous Geometry Level, the first known fanmade level for AEwVS.

April 2020[]

April is a great month for the wiki, as several new users join(Valentinokonig,Jamesburleigh09,Registe0,Hollow flame1332,Baldio99) and lots of new OCs are created, particularly by Toshdeluxd and Valentinokonig.

May 2020[]

This is also a good month for the wiki, several new users join ( even admins from the main wiki) and the number of pages continues to increase, mainly thanks to Registe0.