Viktor's New Hotel is a fangame of AEwVS made by JonathonElsworth66.


After Viktor was freed from the curse and escaped his school, he decided to change things up a bit and set up a huge hotel in the countryside, a grand building where visitors could take short stays while hiking. At some point along the way, it all went wrong, and no one heard news of it for half a year. That is until Angus Vowles, a sixteen-year old college student, ran away from home and decided the hotel was just the right spot to stay. Chaos is sure to ensue...

Find Albert's hints for how to defend yourself from the hotel's cruel inhabitants, effectively utilize the resources provided, and, of course, escape.


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  • Viktor Strobovski
  • Head Teacher
  • Mr Mix
  • Mr Cleany-Clean
  • Vincent
  • Mrs. Drevin


  • Flashlight
  • Paper
  • Used Cans
  • Chocolate Muffin
  • Lemon Berry sweet soda
  • Metallic pieces
  • Coffee
  • Ice cream