VILE was born from an unknown mother, who died bearing him.

VILE was also the result of a confidential experiment conducted by Lucifer and scientists, from The Ministry of Science, to produce the perfect/most balanced Demon. VILE was created to be unmatched in strength, intellect, and stamina,

Appearance & Mechanics[]

VILE wears black shoes,a black tuxedo and a fedora.He is an extremely capable teacher who teaches math, languages, history , and science.When angered, his clothes will become bloody and his eyes will glow red.He will also drag a cricket bat which makes a wood dragging sound, and will breath heavily.

EVIL 1:He will be slightly slower than the player’s walking speed. His breathing will be most audible at this point, and his breathing intervals will be every 8 seconds.There also be red clones of VILE that decrease sanity moderately if looked at.NOTE THAT IF VILE LOSES THE PLAYER,HE WILL CASUALLY WANDER AROUND THE SCHOOL UNTIL HE FINDS THEM AGAIN.

EVIL 2: His speed will be slightly faster than the player’s walking speed, and his clones will be replaced with followers. He’ll slowly decrease sanity when looked at and the player cannot move while being looked at.He will charge at the player if their sanity is lower than 50%.If he hits a wall, he will be stunned for 10 seconds before continuing to pursue the player.His breathing intervals are every 5 seconds and less audible.

EVIL 3:He will be midway slower than the player’s running speed (the player will have 2x sprint speed at this level).He will swing at a door 3 times before busting it down.He will throw flashes at the player which will stun them for two seconds and will give them a fading pinhole vision.If looked at, he’ll quickly decrease their sanity, and will charge if their sanity level is below 75%. There will be an additional 6th question in the notebooks at this stage. He will also cut the power, harshly decreasing the player’s field of view .His breathing is very soft and at 2 second interval, so it is basically only possible for the player to rely on the dragging.Note that at this point only holy flashes will work against him.

EVIL 4:(can only be seen at ending)He is at the player’s running speed.666 ending theme will play. VILE will roar loudly, decreasing the player’s sanity to 0%,which will cause the screen to shake moderately.VILE will through neodymium magnets that will instantly kill the player if they touch her.He will also instantly bust down doors if he touches them.