Traps are interactible objects found in the Woodwork Level of aewvs.

Stage 1 traps[]

These are traps used in the first stage of the woodwork level. Spike Traps -spike traps are plates with spikes which cause minor blood loss when stepped on. Tripwires-these are wires that occasionally appear in front of the player.If she is running, she’ll trip over them and be stunned for a couple of seconds.If she’s walking, she can attempt to jump them.

Stage 2 traps[]

These are traps/defences introduced in stage 2, the ones above will still appear in this stage. Barbed Wire-this is like a tripwire combined with a spike trap:it causes minor blood loss and stuns the player for a couple of seconds.

Stage 3 Traps[]

The traps above will not be in stage three, only the ones below. Bear Traps-standard bear traps, like the ones in History Level, which are difficult to avoid and cause moderate blood loss. Carle’s Tie -it may sound harmless but is a cursed tie which ties the player’s legs together and be removed only by a cutting item. Needles-the same as the ones found in medkits, they are thrown by Edwin. Smoke Grenades-Also thrown by Edwin, they block the player’s vision with smoke.

=Stage 4 Traps[]

Grenades-These replace smoke grenades and needles, they are thrown by Edwin and take all of Angel’s stamina away. Cannons-found in place of the school guards, they fire randomly and can stun the player for 10 seconds.

Stage 5 Traps[]

No new traps are added, but cannons only aim for the player.