The Mystery Park is a strange place in AEWVS!


In this place you will need to find 4 smile pins in and then insert them to open the elevator,But you will need to pay attention to the inhabitants of the park!Also,The key for solving the mystery behind this place is by exploring it!


Crow is an aggressive bird that hides the whole time for unknown reasons,Seems He is here to find something,What is it is unknown!

Colette is supposed to be a student in the school,Why is she even here???

Serpentos is a a Snake with human resembles who has freed his snakes around the park!

Mingo is A strange man dressed in a huge grey jacket and pork pie hat, who will distract characters requested by the player if they complete his obstacle course.


Mysterious Diary:See Mysterious Diary!

Acid:A bottle of acid that can kill serpentos's snakes!

Chocolate Muffin

Smiley Pen:A yellow pen with a yellow smile on it!

Pocho's Guitar:The guitar that pocho uses to play music,Maybe useful! Documents-There’s a 1 in 20 chance that Mingo will drop these. They contain diagrams of the Chasms.

Level Mechanics[]

As i said,You need to collect 4 smile pins in order to access to the elevator!