The Mist Creatures are aliens from the novella & film, and they appear in the shop inWyvern Way!


Tentacles are reddish squids with black Spines on them for piercing flesh, and the creature the tentacles are connected to is never visible.

Scorpion-Files are flying creatures with 4 long feet, thin wings, and large stingers.

Pterobuzzard are nocturnal creatures from another dimension that appear to be a mix between a prehistoric pterosaur & a modern day bird of prey.

ArachniLobster is an unknown monster from another dimension with a segmented scorpion body with lobster claws!

Gray Widowers are carnivorous black spiders with long legs and a grey body from another dimension!

Behemoth is a very large creature from another dimension,It has six legs and a hundreds scorpion flies on them!

Green Dragonfly is a large insect from another dimension,Resembling a twisted and deformed dragonfly with long clear wings!

Killer Kite is a giant kite creature that terrorizes humans!


Tentacles will spawns in a large shop aisle similar to a with lots of swimming equipment,if angell enters the room,They will come out from the walls and attack angell to strangle her, but can be stopped with a sword or distracted by chewing gum.

Scorpion-Flies:They will come out from a computer near the front of the shop.If angell tries to use the computer,The scorpions will come out from it and will fly around her,They will assault her and she will lose a lot of blood, to stop them, need to turn off the computer to prevent more from coming, and stop them with grenades or a sword.

Pterobuzzard will spawn rarely and fly around menacingly; and they will attack with their beak & talons to injure her!

ArachniLobster: It will scuttle about ferociously, and the player must throw items to where they want it to go to prevent it catching them.

Gray Widowers will crawl out from the ceeiling and will jump in angell,They bites her and this will make a blood loss and a loss of sanity,To stop them, you need to throw cookies & Countryballs at it.

Behemoth: Is passive and will stand outside ominously, causing the minigame to start.

Green Dragonfly spawns in one of the aisles ,If angell gets closer to him or to the room where he is,He will hear her footsteps and wake up to chase her,He will also destroy doors and walls!

Killer Kite : The creature will beat its wings menacingly and attempt to carry the player to her doom.


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