NOTICE:This page is currently under construction, please do not edit it without my permission.Progress on this page is also currently paused as the creator is currently working on other projects.The Hellish Barge is a concept for a fanmade level by Registe0, which is unlockable after the Physics Level.


After the end of the Physics Level, the player is knocked out by someone behind her, and wakes up on a mysterious barge that she must escape by mastering various skills. In the first stage, Angell must find a hidden code to unlock the door of the storage room. Once she escapes, she will greeted by Cap’n Jimmy who claims that “some pinhead” “accidentally “ locked her there, and that she might as well help him with tasks on the ship.


These are the descriptions of the characters found in the Ship Manual.

  • Cap’n Jimmy- James Arganza is the owner of the barge and will rule over it exactly how he wants. He is extremely aggressive and unpredictable, but he is good at keeping things in order.
  • Phillip Dunning-Phil is a passenger on the barge, and will occasionally assist the player. He is extremely shy, and has a lot of trouble with Cap’n Jimmy.
  • Annoyance 312889- A passenger bought this ridiculously annoying machine with them, and somehow it’s been let loose. It will do what it can to cause trouble, and it is considered moderately dangerous.
  • The Crawlers-Vile insects that look like a mix between a maggot, scorpion, and cuttlefish. They crawl around the barge and can cause the player to lose sanity, and they can also scare away Phil as he has a massive phobia of them.


•Old Spanner-Used to remove bits of rusty wire

•Ancient hammer-Used to press nails into wooden beams

• Barely functioning screwdriver-used to remove rusty bolts in the barge's washing room

•Bloodied dagger-used to cut rotting meat and mouldy vegetables

•Ship manual -contains reasonably helpful information about the barge's inhabitants.

•Eyeball-These have a small chance of distracting crawlers.

•Baldi’s lips-ebic funieh


  1. Normal ending-
  2. Puss ending-
  3. Brainiac ending-