The butcher is a character that appears in the Geometry Level,and it is the Brother of Mr. Mix!


He is a large man with a bloody white butcher’s uniform. He wears a mask similar to the face of his brother, and usually holds strange type of meat or an axe!


He spawns in one of the labs cutting some meat,if angell doesn't help him cutting meat, he will chase her to cut her body,The only method to stop him from chasing while he has been angered is to eat a piece of meat in front of him,Then He Will return to the room he was!He always changes location.


  • “Off-tune humming”(while cutting meat idly)
  • “Hey kiddo! Help me cut some JUICY meat!(Upon spotting Angell)
  • “Choose which knife to cut(can be either pork, chicken, beef, or lamb)”(Plays if Angell chooses to come over to him)
  • “Cleaver”(Plays when the cleaver is selected)
  • “Carving knife”(Plays when the carving knife is selected)
  • “Steak knife”(Plays when the steak knife is selected)
  • “The Ripper”(Plays when “The Ripper” is selected)
  • “Awesome!”,”Nice!”,”Great!”(Plays when the meat is cut well)
  • ”Darn!”,”Dang!”,”Could use some improvement!”(When the meat is cut badly)
  • ”Hey I need some help!”(Plays if Angell ignores him)
  • ”COME BACK HERE!”(Plays while chasing Angell)
  • ”ILL RIP YOUR INTESTINES OUT”(Plays while killing Angell