The Basement is a fanmade secret level for AEwVS. It can be accessed by a door in the RUST Labyrinth, and it is located underneath the AEwVS school.


The Basement is a filthy and damp area underneath the school. It is populated by a couple of strange mutants, and is used as a dump or storage by the school's various inhabitants. Notably, the school's old caretaker, Dmitri, resides here after being kicked out by Viktor and Laura after realising Cleany was much better at the job. He enjoys forcing those who end up in "his lair" to play his strange games.


The player must collect Dmitri's 4 bottles of cleaning liquid, all placed in almost inaccessible locations, while Dmitri tries to hunt the player down and murder them. If they succeed, Dmitri will unlock the exit, and give the player the rusty toy car, which is an artifact.


Dmitri-The main antagonist
Stranglers- A more dangerous version of Throttlers, they are larger and more powerful
Fleshworms-Dark red, large worms that attack the player to drink their blood
Effleops-A a donkey-like creature with finger-like appendages on its face
Crabspiders-mutants which work for Dmitri that are very common in the basement
Crawling Death-This is a 2 metre long creature that looks like a centipede that breathes poisonous gas onto the player
The Thicco-A joke easter egg which is an amalgamation of every thiccobreather..


Bagel-Gives infinite stamina for 7 seconds, but then stamina bar becomes empty

Inhaler-Stops the player from being affected by toxic gases found in the basement(eg Crawling Death)

Wooden key-opens room with the inhaler in

Opal Amulet-Can be hung on doors to scare certain NPCs away

Litter Picker-operated by the player to reach the bottles of cleaning liquid

Bandage-can be equipped to stop Fleshworms from harming the player

Anarchist's Cookbook-found on a high shelf, and contains gunpowder. Can be thrown at Dmitri to stun him