Sylvia Stavros is a 34 year old teacher OC for a fanmade Biology Level by AbsolLover66.

During the normal chase[]

Sylvia becomes invisible as soon as the first mistake is made and slowly starts following the player. She can only be noticed by her hissing and the red scratch marks on the wall where she is.

It's possible to distract Sylvia by using the pink alarm clock. She will ignore the player and follow the music. Once Sylvia reaches the alarm clock, she will dance for a while before continuing to hunt the player.

Sylvia can be dazzled by shining a flashlight at her. She will be stunned for about 5 seconds. The flashlight runs out of energy pretty quickly though.

During the final chase[]

Sylvia congratulates the player for collecting all of the notebooks and says that they should get a prize. The price is the key for the exit of the Biology floor, but Sylvia will hide it. The player needs to find the key to escape.

Red scratch marks will be on every wall. Sylvia is only noticeable by her even more aggressive sounding hissing.

Sylvia will ignore the music of the alarm clock. She also won't care about being dazzled by a flashlight.

Killing method[]

As soon as Sylvia is close enough to the player, she will slowly become visible during wrapping herself around them. Sylvia will then choke the player before biting them with her poisonous teeth. After that, Sylvia will swallow the player whole.