A Dragonling that Lavenza considers to be her child. It's egg was given to Lavenza by the S.T.D.K, who apparently found it in the possession of some Shadow Creatures. They weren't too sure what it was, but they were surprised that it had not been infected by The Shadow despite being exposed to it. The S.T.D.K were more than happy to simply give it to Lavenza, seeing as they didn't even know what it was and had no use for it.

The egg hatched when it was submerged in molten Dragonish Steel. The stories about how Dragon eggs hatch tend to vary wildly, sometimes, the eggs just hatch whenever they're ready, and other times, something "special" must happen to make them hatch, such as with Sundancer's egg. Although it is very possible that Sundancer's egg would've just hatched on its own, if it had been given the time.

As soon as it hatches, Sundancer takes to Lavenza as it's "mother". It also thinks of Luraxia as it's "sister". As such, it often brings them bugs- an attempt to share food with it's "family". As Sundancer grows in size, so too does the food that it brings them. Lavenza gets fed up of this, despite the Dragonling's good intentions, and attempts to teach it to eat human food. This works about as well as anyone would expect...which is to say, not very well.

Sundancer practically never leaves Lavenza's side, and will follow her anywhere, unless Lavenza specifically instructs it to watch over Luraxia. The Dragonling loves sitting on Lavenza's shoulder, but as it grows, its harder and sharper claws begin to cause her pain, leaving (not very severe, but fairly painful) injuries.

Surprisingly, it gets along very well with Zakriel. The two of them make an excellent duo for killing Shadow Creatures. Sundancer is capable of human speech, although sometimes it is unclear whether the Dragonling is simply imitating what it has heard from those around it, or if it fully understands what it is saying. Despite still just being a tiny Dragonling, its Fire is already extremely hot, leading some to wonder how such a tiny creature can expel so much of something so powerful.