Snow is a custom interactible found in outside areas (particularly in the snow garden )of the Chemistry Level.


Snow can be interacted in several different ways :

  • Snow can be scooped of the ground ,and has a 1/3 chance of becoming a snowball ,which can be thrown a long way and placed in the belt.It will later be used as a defence item for different teachers across different levels.
  • It can be made in to snow angels, which may seem pointless ,but are good for storing items for later.
  • If the player is equipped with a shovel, the snow can dig up to reveal items.
  • Snow People:will act as a minor antagonist.
  • The snow can freeze the player, as the longer she spends there the colder she gets,this is shown by the blood bar turning blue, which causes her to lose sanity and stamina,and can eventually kill her.l