School Guards are neutral NPCs found in the fanmade Woodwork Level of aewvs.


They are dodgy animatronics that have been hurriedly slapped together, and are meant to closely resemble humans, but instead look very uncanny . Also, it is worth noting that none of them have any hair.They are contained in glass boxes with a notice in neon letters above their them that reads “We are the school guards ! Ask us ANYTHING“.


During the first two stages of the level,they will be friendly and give helpful answers to some basic question.As Angell can’t speak, there is an “Input Box” to type her questions in. If the school guards are asked long/hard questions or questions about secrets ,sparks will fly from the school guard’s head and it will be disabled for 30 seconds.However,on the 3rd stage any questions they disapprove will cause them to break out of their box and chase the player.This will also happen if the player breaks any of the rules.If they catch the player she will be taken to a locked backroom of the punishment room where the player will be killed on a rack.On the 4th and 5th stages, the school guards become replaced with cannons.