"We were curious about the unknown. So were they."

Scarabsite Bio Facility is a fanmade level and concept created byJoyNauti.


Scarabsite Bio Facility is a standalone fan level that takes place within a large, inter-dimensional vessel. It features 9 different locations and several new characters. The story behind its existence is supposed to fit in with existing AEWVS lore and will be expanded upon in the future.

The protagonist of the level is named Sam, a relatively silent character who finds themselves on board the elusive vessel and attempts to escape via solving various puzzles/repairing the ship. However, they soon come to realize that they aren't alone.

The puzzles that Sam would encounter depend greatly on the location and situation he's in. For example, a puzzle in Reactor would require Sam to maintain a certain level of fission to proceed while a puzzle in Cargo would require him to stack various crates using an item.


 There are a considerable amount of enemies that are out to get Sam. One such enemy is known as Bolts, the vessel's robot maintenance team. While it may seem like they are doing their duties at keeping the vessel stable, they are actually malfunctioning due to a strange organic growth that has hijacked their systems, making them hostile towards Sam. They use a Bolt Gun to attack, which has the potential of causing major bleeding.

Another threat are called Stalks, an unknown alien species that lurk within the vessel's Cargo hold. They are slow and prefer to sneak up on Sam rather than chase him. Stalks produce a silver-colored trail of acidic liquid which will damage Sam if he steps on it. 

There are many other threats that will soon be detailed further into development.


The vessel was constructed by the corporation known as Scarabsite, a science corporation that specializes in creating artificial biological matter. The vessel itself was made in the hopes of finding new exotic fauna from different dimensions for undisclosed purposes. During its launch, however, an unknown event caused the vessel to teleport to an unknown location. It has since been declared lost and the corporation soon went defunct. 


  • The level is still in early development and will continue to grow over time.
  • Images will soon be added.