"We were curious about the unknown. So were they."

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Sam is the protagonist of Scarabsite Bio Facility and is who the player takes control of throughout the events of the level.


Sam is a male human who has unkempt brown hair and is wearing a yellow striped shirt along with some trousers. His skin is pale and his eyes are brown.

Sam, while speaking occasionally, is mostly silent as he traverses the facility. This is trait of his can be attributed to the many creatures that use sounds for locating their prey. When he does speak, it's usually when he responds to someone.

Sam has been in the facility for quite some time now as evident from his journal entries dating back 3 months by the start of the level. It's unknown how he found himself dwelling in the halls of the ruined vessel, but he plans to escape as soon as he gets the chance. Whether or not he succeeds in his goal is determined by the player's actions.


  • Hard Wired - Sam is a genius when it comes to electronics, able to divert power from doors and cameras to his benefit. He is also able to upgrade his current items, (As long as he has the required materials of course.) allowing higher battery capacity or better effectiveness overall.
  • Silent step -  At any given time, Sam can enter a state where his movement is almost completely muffled. This allows him to avoid detection from various enemies he may encounter. Silent step, however, will be instantly disabled upon being detected or upon interacting with an object.


  • Sam’s favorite food is pretzels.
  • In his journal, the name "Oliva" is mentioned.