The Religious Studies Level is a fan made AEWVS level.

Level Start[]

The level teacher, Zebediah Folliner will greet the player in a small dusty room with pieces of broken pottery littering the floor, and a couple of items.If they player looks on the ceiling, they will see a gory corpse glued up there. Folliner will tell the player about how to use the notebooks, before starting to mutter about waffles & orange juice. The first classroom is a triangular room with the notebook in the corner, as well as some bones on the floor. In the notebooks, the player will have to answer various questions about the customs of different religions, such as “Where do Hindus pray ?” and “Name a Jewish festival.” After the impossible question, Folliner will go into his angered state and get out his weapons.


Head Teacher- From the original game
Mr. Mix- From the original game
The Snatcher- A 10 ft tall grey/ white monster that wanders the school, searching through bins. It utters a horrible wail that causes trouble to anyone hearing it. It will also kill the player if she gets within 14 ft of it. It can stopped by equipping earplugs and keeping your distance. <br< <nowiki> Crayle- Crayle is a ghoul trapped outside the school. It will sometimes reach through windows to strangle the player while she solves a notebook. To break hold of its grip, the F key must be pressed 60 times. If the player fails to do this in 45 seconds, they will die.<nowiki>
Ebinginaf- A bizarre mixed up entity with a rotting human head, an extremely long black neck,a scorpion’s body and a caiman’s tail. It trampled around the school, until lit meets the player. It will then ask her to collect 3-5 random items within 2 minutes or she’ll have her limbs torn off.
Hallucinator- not visible, but will cause optical illusions and mirages for the player whenever there is an announcement over the speaker.
Kalom- Kalom is a monstrous creature That is a pair of eyes attached to a tongue and two feet that with the heads of Alex Basics characters attached to it that appears when they player collects the 12th notebook. I will deal four cards to her meaning she must complete 4 random tasks for it to be satisfied.


  • Chips bag- from original game
  • Muffin- from original game
  • Carrots- from original game
  • Mushrooms- from original game
  • качан- from original game.
  • Masking Tape- stops a character from entering the same room as you for 10 seconds, a weaker neodymium magnet.
  • Mandrake- A plant found in the greenhouse which takes quite a long time to grow, and is very dangerous, but can stun Folliner for 45 seconds.


  • Greeting Room-
  • Corridors-
  • Zeb’s Study-
  • Lunch Room-
  • Piss Hole-
  • Shrine-
  • Backyard
  • Yurt-
  • Main Room-


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