ATTENTION!(Everything written here is not official brawl stars content,It is a fanmade for AEWVS,Please do not report or stuff like that).

Poco is a character from the world of brawl stars,He makes his first appearence in the Music Level of AEWVS!


He is a yellow skeleton similar to a mariachi,He has two big eyes and some paint around them,He also has a mariachi mexican hat and a guitar with him,He loves music and wants to perform as a star to everyone,He also wears a red papillion and a black smoking!


In the Music Level he wonders around the floor and when he sees angell losing blood because of Ringu'bites,He will go to her and heal her in order to stop the loss,But if he sees her while Ringu is in the area,He will give some medkits to angell and then go away,Mostly like he fears the teachers!


"Hey,Who are you?"(When angell interacts with him)

"Don't worry,I got a medkit for this type of situations."(When angell asks him to help her or if he is healing the loss)

"WOAH DUDE,I'M COMING!!"(When he sees angell losing blood)

"Done,Hope it doesn't hurt too much".(When he finished to heal angell)


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