Orbs are miscellaneous items found only in the Film Studies Level.They can only be retrieved by using some sort of tool from the Gardening Level.


Orbs can only be found by rock slopes found underneath parts of the school.These slopes and caves can be accessible by jumping some areas where a bridge is needed to be built.If you use a tool on a glowing part of the slope, you will be able to obtain a rock.You will need a chisel from the Woodwork Level to cut the rock, which will take several tries.Then,the type of orb will be revealed.


Green Orb: Gives you 500% stamina . Red Orb :Gives you infinite blood for one minute. Blue Orb :Can freeze anything moving. Black Orb:Plays overture to the sun loudly. White Orb:Rips your body apart. Orange Orb:Gives you infinite of stamina, air, sanity, blood, and inventory while you are holding it. Lilac Orb:Gives you an infinite inventory. Dragon Orb:? Turquoise Orb:? Time Anomaly Orb? Brown Orb:? Grey Orb:?


  • In the April fools edition, pressing the “E” key enough times gives you 4146 of each orb.