At the start of the level, Ms. Batch will greet the player in a long, rectangular room with a red carpet and large stone columns at the sides of the room. Ms. Batch will invite the player to the first classroom, a small, but cosy room with a large candle and to random reasonably useful items. Ms. Batch will show images of flags and ask the player to identify them.One of them will, of course, be unsolvable, causing the candle to be blown out and shadowy figures run around screaming and laughing unsettlingly.

Main Game[]

Ms. Batch will pursue the player with a glaive as her weapon, and pet rocks will be their usual harmless self. For the first three notebooks, the questions will be about well known countries eg France, Spain, and Ms. Batch won’t have any other effects towards the player.For the next six notebooks, the countries will get a bit harder, but still reasonably well known eg. Columbia,Morocco, and Ms. Batch will launch metal lances at the player when in sight. She will also place security cameras and mines to track the player, as well as occasionally throwing, bones, orbs, and plates at the player.For the next four notebooks after that, all characters will become hostile ( excluding Albert), Ms. Batch will become increasingly faster, and mines will become more frequent, and she’ll throw neodymium magnets at the player, and the questions will get harder and harder eg Latvia,Burkina Faso. For the final chase, Ms. Batch will be as fast as the player’s maximum speed and clones of the her will cause heavy blood loss to the player.The last notebook will be about very obscure countries, eg Pitcairn Islands, Wallis & Futuna.


Muffins,bars,mushrooms,Candy Canes, and crisps will be the edible items of the level. Muffins and duct tape balls will be the defensive items. Foil,bones,dust and gravel will be the useless items. Neodymium magnets, lockpicks and thiccobreathers will be the other items of the level.

 Plays when the player gets a question wrong 
 Plays when the player enters the national flags level
Plays when the player wins the national flags level