Mr. Jaxbot is a cyborg-man of below-average height, with his most notable feature being a monitor capable of displaying simple text-based expressions and even images. He teaches a wide variety of computer-related subjects, such as keyboarding, statistics, and computer hardware and software management. His default expression is a green text-based "smile." Jaxbot also displays certain emotions through the use of colors. Green symbolizes content and passiveness, blue can portray uncertainty and despair, red indicates extreme feelings such as anger and rage, and so forth. One of the most prominent features, other than his monitor head, is a "tail." The tail is actually a power cord and is used to recharge his battery, which can be drained over time, or during physically intensive periods (such as stress and chasing the player).


His common demeanor is typically passive, often engaging the player with words of encouragement and positive phrases. However, he is prone to malfunctions, such as power loss, random reboots, and extreme stress leading to physically aggressive behavior. A major result of these stress responses are incorrect answers to questions relating to computer hardware and software, as he is not programmed to register incorrect information. After these bouts of anger, Jaxbot typically expresses great remorse for his actions as he does not initially intend to bring harm to others.


Before he became a cyborg working as a computer science teacher at a cursed school, he was a human man known by the name of Jude Boesch. Jaxbot's name is derived from the code-name assigned to him, JX.BT, during a period of several illegal experiments to test robotic-implemented features in the human body. Although Jude was unconscious for most of the testing, further progression of the experiment resulted in the replacement of several vital organs to substitute with artificial machinery, up until his entire consciousness was replaced with a mechanical "mother brain." This transferral from a mortal, human life to a life of artificial immortality resulted in severe memory loss, resulting in Jude to forget nearly everything about himself. The warehouse he was being experimented on was one day infiltrated, but Jude's body was never discovered due to unknown reasons. Ten years later, Jaxbot woke up from this coma-like state and wandered away from the abandoned warehouse to eventually begin a career at Viktor's school.

Voice Lines[]

Jaxbot's voice is produced with the Software Automatic Mouth (SAM) for the Commodore C64 and has the ability to pitch his voice accordingly to his current mood. The more agitated he becomes, the more distorted his voice is with noticeable stuttering and distortion.

Sound Transcript
Good afternoon! I'm Mr. Jaxbot, I specialize in a variety of topics reguarding technology. I have only started teaching here recently, and you just so happen to be my first student! Let's start by learning the basics of computer hardware and software, shall we? Please follow me to the computer lab.
Please answer the first question.
Next question.
Oh... That wasn't quite right... please try again.