This is all of Mr. Grapthund's quotes

Puss Mode Quotes[]

"Did you really think that I'm happy after you collected my notebooks in that stupid mode you chose? NO! YOU ARE A FILTHY, DISGUSTING (Censored) HOLE!

AND I WANT YOU TO GET OUT OF MY FLOOR BEFORE I KICK YOUR BUTT!" Plays when the Player has collected all 10 Notebooks

"GET THE (Censored) OUT!" Plays when Alice and Sylvia shouts out the same line

Easy, Medium and Brainiac Mode[]

"Oh Hello Angel. Welcome to my Floor! My name is Mr. Grapthund, and I'm your Drawing teacher. Go to a classroom and some my activities. I'm sure you'll like it..." Plays when the level has started

"Great Job... You collected all of my tasks. But I have one more task for you. And that task is... TO GET OUT OF HERE ALIVE! AND I WON'T HESITATE!" Plays when the player collects 10 Drawing Notebooks.

"YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!" Plays after the second notebook is incorrected

"FBI, OPEN UP!" Plays when Mr. Grapthund is about to bust down a blocked door

"HEY! OPEN THIS DOOR! YOU DOODOO!" Plays when Sylvia shuts the door on him

Draw R Us Pad Quotes[]

"Solve this first problem"

"Solve this second problem"

"Solve this third problem, I have a Sweet tooth, which means I can eat Sweets "

"Solve this fourth problem, I can't eat too much sweets, otherwise I'll throw up "

"Solve this fifth problem, I'll get easily blinded if a Super Flash Bang is thrown at me..."

"Solve this sixth problem, After you collected 2 Notebooks. Go and meet my friends, they like having company" Plays on the first notebooks' sixth question

"Solve this final problem, I'll not be happy if this is incorrect" Plays on the second notebook's sixth question


This is a list of some quotes from characters in the Drawing Level

Alice's Quotes[]

"Oh hello Angel, We meet again! Mr. Grapthund had telled to be your substitute teacher while he's doing other stuff. Go to a classroom and solve his tasks, like usual..." Plays when the drawing level starts in puss mode

"All you got to do is solve 6 questions that Mr. G had left you to do" Plays when a notebook quiz starts"

Sylvia's Quotes[]

"Wow... great job..." Plays when the player has completed all 10 Biology notebooks

"Nope" plays after Mr. Grapthund said to open the door


  • His quote before knocking down a blocked door is a reference to the FBI memes
  • on his 3rd, 4th and 5th problem quotes secretly reminds the player of how to deal with him