Mr. Grapthund is a male human. He wears a Green coat with a beige T-shirt and tie along with some grey pants and black shoes. He has a brown mustache, brown hair, Jade colored eyes.

Grapthund's angered appearance is much more sinister. His clothes appear torn and his body is distorted. The most noticeable feature of this form is his crooked smile. (Much Akin to that of SCP-087-B)


Mr. Grapthund's is a calm and gentle person who cares about his students, teachers and staff. Upon getting angered however, he becomes a blood-thirsty psychopath, attempting to murder the student who angered him. He has a fondness for Alice and her history stuff and will visit her floor on occasion.


His behavior is similar to Viktor's, patrolling the surrounded area while searching for the player albeit at a faster pace. Upon getting hit with a Super Flashbang, he'll scream and becomes blind for 3 Minutes thus giving the player some time to collect notebooks. If a sweet item is laying on the floor, he will eat it, but if he eats more than 10 candy items, he'll say that he ate to much candy and going to the bathroom to throw up. After 10 Notebooks are collected, He'll announce the player to get to the elevator in time and he won't hesitate, meaning that he will not be distracted by the candy that the player dropped but throwing Super Flash-Bangs will stun him the same way as it did before.