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She is the sibling of Viktor and is the School's nurse.


Misha wears a white gown with puffy, small sleeves. She wears a loves arts and crafts and has a very creative mind. large white hat with a pink flower on top. Although her brother is more skilled in creating a human-like appearance, she, however, has trouble resembling a human, having lost pigmentation in the skin making it all white and cold to the touch. She's also not able to regenerate hair.

Misha as a Tarwill is similar to Viktor as a Tarwill.

Misha, as well as Viktor, seems to be cold and easy to anger; Unlike Viktor she doesn't have a sense of humor and needs an explanation to understand the joke. Besides her icy personality, she's quite wise and is extremely intelligent, although, her actions can get cruel she always tries to teach somebody something.

Sometimes, she can be overprotective when around Viktor, as a natural instinct to protect her brother who she raised for a long time. When she was a teenager their parents died due to the silver vines, so she had to raise him for most of her life.


Most abilities Misha is already prevalent in Tarwill. Misha has similar abilities to Viktor already, like flesh generation. Although, she is able to levitate.