Title Screen

Miragaz is a fanmade very early 2D version of AEwVS that was created on January 31st 2017 but never published.


Gameplay was uploaded on December 24th 2019 by someone who went by the name of “Debris506YT”who had repeatedly pestered MrDrNose about the file, but for unknown reasons the uploader’s channel was deleted 3 days later.Rumour spread they killed themself after posts by Debris on Twitter saying he felt awful, and hinted that it may have been to do with a secret character in the game.No one has dared obtain the file since, or maybe people simply lost interest in it.


When opened the file has a red title screen showing the game’s name and two buttons, one reading “play“ and the other reading “read this first”. The play button takes you to the game where you need a bunch of keys (it can be any from two to fifteen) to exit the game, which takes to a screen that says “WOO-HOo! You complete game !” The read this first button takes you to a blue box that gives an abysmal description of the game.


WhiteMask- The antagonist which tries to stop you from getting keys, although it can’t actually kill your character.
Lara-A grey female character that stuns you if she notices you going too fast.
Clean-A brown broom that moves any character in the direction it’s going.
Serpent-A black zig zag that steals your soup if you are holding it.
Clamps-They hold onto your character for a random amount of time, and look like basic, regular clamps.
Ghoul-A light grey shape that moans loudly.
JerraGoulZag-a collection of strange coloured shapes with bizarre faces. It doesn’t do anything.
CORRO83273272737743228522229854-A massive dark red shape that has a one in a hundred chance of appearing.It crashes the game if it does so.


You can only hold one item at a time, excluding keys.
Bomb-knocks WhiteMask out of the way.The most common item.
Soup-Allows you to go fast.
Key-If you get them all you can use the exit.
Bones-They snap if you pick them up.
Spear-can be used thrice to stop any character fo five seconds.
@:;&*|{#%¥:A tape player that plays a Greek broadcast from 2001.


  • Viktor, Laura, Cleany, and Spirits are based on WhiteMask,Lara,Broom and Ghoul respectively(well technically the other way round)