Here is a list of very minor & unimportant OCs for AEWVS

  • spirits(sen briefly in the Film Studies Level when leaving the altar,they are coloured puffs of smoke)
  • Marionettes
  • Flesh Beasts(harmless creatures found in the Rust Maze
  • Candykes(Tiny biscuits that scuttle into the corners of the elevator in the Film Studies level when Angell enters)
  • Two-headed viktor(simply a version of Viktor Strobovski with two heads; he can be seen in a painting of him ,normal Viktor and Casper Calunitov drinking what appears to be tar.)
  • dragon(A dragon can occasionally be seen flying outside the school at a distance)
  • unknown character(A notice telling students about prohibited items,supposedly written by “Unknown Character”)
  • VILE clones/followers
  • [REDACTED](???????????)