Mimi is the unofficial 21st teacher of Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski, exclusively teaching

Coding. She is character from Super Paper Mario, She was invited from the paper realm to work at the school.


When activated, she will wonder around the school, if she sees angell, she will run towards her, Just like Marzia she will get faster every wrong answer, but has a speed limit unlike Marzia. If the player stays idle for more than 3 seconds, Mimi will teleport to the door closest to the player, but times when your forced to stay idle like when doggos is around or you have to fix the virus on Buddy. She won’t do it.

There are other things that can occur Mimi to teleport to the nearest door to the player:

  • Dropping items on the floor
  • eating an edible item

Also using a flash will stun Mimi for 20 seconds.