A Shadow Creature that once lead an almost successful rebellion against Apocrythan. Well, that might be stretching it a bit, but let's not burst Meg's bubble just yet. In any case, this Shadow Creature believes itself to be better than Apocrythan, and is constantly, though without much success, attempting to steal his throne away from him. Shadow Creatures, for the most part, should not be capable of turning against Apocrythan, as they're just not really capable of comprehending such an idea. It kind of goes against their very nature. Meg is certainly...unique among Shadow Creatures.

According to Apocrythan, Meg hadn't even been alive for 10 seconds and was already plotting to overthrow him. Meg also has a younger brother called Bylaghrouz, and a sister, who is no longer alive. Apocrythan was always hitting on her, probably just to anger Meg, and, well, it definitely worked.

Meg is typically seen as a large, bird-like creature that resembles a griffon or a phoenix, but with some "Draconic" traits, such as large fangs, spines that protrude from various parts of the body, and horns. Similarly to Apocrythan, it can take on a more human form, but there are still particular traits that blow their disguises.

While it's pretty obvious that most Shadow Creatures aren't going to be choosing Meg over Apocrythan any time soon, Meg's got some things going for him...I mean, why'd you think Apocrythan kept him alive? He's pretty flippin' useful. He's extremely powerful, and, well, that's always good. These guys need all the power they can get seeing as they're constantly warring with Dragonkind. On the topic of Dragons, Dragons were not naturally vulnerable to any diseases, so Meg went ahead and magicked up an artificial disease that screws Dragons over pretty badly. There's a lot of other stuff that could be said but I'm lazy soooo...the bottom line is that Meg is useful. VERY useful...provided that he's using his talents for the right stuff...