The daughter of Lavenza. She(when she becomes capable of speech..."Vew" and "VODKA!" don't count.) comments about how many of the other Angels never truly accepted her, and never will. Half-breeds are "Ungodly abominations", in the words of Archangel Lorel. Luraxia says that although her mother loved her greatly, it was rather obvious that Luraxia was....unwanted. Unplanned. She just kind of happened, and Lavenza had to deal with it. Considering that her father is....well, like, not a good choice, she ends up taking to Apocrythan as a father figure.....something that Lavenza is happy yet extremely distressed about.....and rightfully so........Luraxia often takes on the form of a grey Dragon(a very tiny one considering she's only a year old). The reason for this is not known, but, according to Lavenza: "The kid just likes being a Dragon."

The Shadow Creature Viruzihail takes a particular interest in the child, and, during the Monster Surge, attempts to take her somewhere for unknown reasons. Luckily, she is rescued by Sundancer and Zakriel, who prove to be a great Shadow-Creature-killing duo. A little Shadow Creature and a Dragonling working kill Shadow Creatures...sounds like the beginning of a weird story...

Despite how much Luraxia likes Sundancer and Zakriel, she is known for getting jealous of them quite easily, seeing as the two of them need quite a lot of help in order to be integrated into Angel society, which takes up quite a lot of Lavenza's time. Azukriel, Lavenza's friend and Commander of the S.T.D.K, comments about how Luraxia will be the "next Apocrythan" in the sense that she'll go insane from jealousy and kill her "siblings". Needless to say, Lavenza didn't find this particularly funny, despite the fact that Azukriel clearly meant it as a joke.


VILE is considered the "father" of Luraxia, despite Dharkron being the true father of Luraxia. VILE clearly wants to take her away from her family for unknown reasons. She almost always escapes, but sometimes, VILE corrupts her and takes over her mind.