Lumineira has a cold and icy disposition that scares people off very quickly. Unlike her daughter, Lavenza, she doesn't try to hide her annoyance with other people and as such usually lashes out at 'em pretty quickly. No one really knows where she came from- Ikatracia just brought her to Heaven one day and that was that. No one really questioned it. Well, a lot of people did, initially, but once they realised that Lumineira was a Dragon and could send them all to oblivion with just one blast of light, they stopped pestering her. Though she has never harmed any Angels as a Dragon, and in fact took the full force of an anti-dragon's assault to defend them, most of them are still terrified of her and scatter in different directions whenever she passes by.

Apparently, Ikatracia decided it'd be a brilliant idea to stick Lumineira in the S.T.D.K. The thing is though, the S.T.D.K don't accept any non-Angels. Lumineira didn't care, but Ikatracia thought the S.T.D.K were turning down an amazing opportunity. I guess potentially becoming a Dragon's dinner wasn't worth decimating armies of Demons( and literally everything else) . Can't blame them, really.

Ikatracia claims that Lumineira is a very kind and gentle soul deep down, as according to Lumineira herself she once used to run around, picking flowers and making crowns for her siblings out of them. Now, if that was coming from anyone else, they'd probably be...lying, let's just say that, but coming from Ikatracia, it's more than likely true. There probably isn't anyone who knows Lumineira as well as she does, after all.

Lumineira and Ikatracia are the best of friends. Ikatracia had always hoped that they could be more, but Lumineira seems to share Lavenza's obliviousness when it comes to romance, and Ikatracia didn't want to ruin their great friendship because she couldn't keep her feelings to herself. Ikatracia never liked Lumineira's husband, and he never liked her. Both of them liked Lumineira though, and so they tried to act somewhat civilised in her presence. When Lumineira wasn't around though, all Hell broke loose, basically. It wasn't uncommon for the two of them to get jealous of one another when one of them was around Lumineira for "too long". That being said, the two always avoided each other like the plague unless there was a good reason for them to be in the same place at the same time(that reason usually being Lumineira.) Obviously, Ikatracia was pretty mad when she found out that the idiot had gone and knocked Lumineira up, but Lavenza's a pretty great kid, so...helping bring her into the world is the one good thing he's ever done.

...Even Ikatracia had to admit that Lumineira and him were really cute together. Hell, maybe if they lived in a different reality, Ikatracia could have(with some difficulty) supported the relationship. But alas, it was not meant to be...

No one knows who Lavenza's father is. Well, Lumineira does, but she'd never talk about it. The subject makes her extremely upset. Ikatracia, who also seems to know something, told Lavenza that "she'd be better off not knowing." Not that this has done anything to lessen Lavenza's curiosity.

Lumineira's right arm is covered in bandages that go all the way up to her shoulder. Everyone assumes that this is an attempt at covering up horrible scars...

She also punched Goldon'Geyzsron in the face once. Needless to say, Apocrythan likes Lumineira much better than he likes Lavenza. Lumineira, however, completely despises him. It could be argued that she's known for not being very fond of very many people, but he must have done something pretty horrible to her to bring out such an extreme level of hatred...