Lucy is one of the students trapped in the school of AEWVS!


Lucy is a student in the school. She wears a dark pink dress and a guy fawkes mask which covers the majority of her face.She has flowing blonde hair that goes past her shoulders and always carries and old fashioned radio with her.


In the Geology Level,She will wonder around the mines searching for her old radio and a picaxe to learn about geology,If she encounters angell,She will ask her about if she has seen her radio and to help her,If the player finds it and give it to her,She will distract Carl from chasing her for a limited amount of time,Then angell will have to help her again!

In the Physics Level,she will try her best to avoid the teacher,Like that she wants to escape,If you talk to her and ask her if you can help her,She will follow you and will also give Angelo a textbook to help her in escaping fthe floor,But if Mansk finds both,She will escape and will let mansk kill angell!


Geology Level:"Hi,I'm lucy,Have you seen my radio somewhere?"(When she encounters angell).

"Ok,Let me know if you find it"(When angell helps her in finding her radio).

"THANK YOU VERY MUCH,Now go,I will disrtact the teacher for you"(When angell gives the radio to her).

"Hey Carl,I need some help with this rock,Can you help me?"(When she is distracting carl).

Physics Level:"Hello again,Do you know a good place to hide?"(When she encounters angell).

"Great,Let's go then!"(When angell asks her if she can help).

"Thanks,Here you are one of those "Taskbooks" you are looking for"!(When angell finds a good place to hide).

"Sorry,Gotta go!"(When she sees Mansk).