....Pretty self-explanatory, isn't it? This book contains a lot of interesting stuff....although it might be a bit difficult to read at times, as Lavenza has this habit of writing something in one language( e.g. English) and then randomly switching to another one(e.g. Latin) mid-sentence. It holds the answer to the most important question in the history of ever....."Who does Lavenza like....?!" Unfortunately, this information is scribbled out, preventing anyone apart from Lavenza herself from ever knowing it. And although Lavenza does nearly die from happiness when Apocrythan comes back, I don't think it's him......Lavenza becomes extremely distressed when she cannot find her diary, and is known for practically turning Heaven upside-down in search of it....

It is revealed to probably be VILE, from a turn of events...

Lavenza talks about Apocrythan a lot in her diary. It's mostly about how she wants to befriend him and guide him back to the Light. She never states that she has any romantic feelings for him, but....she does kinda hint at it a little bit. Although....Lavenza and Apocrythan is just....I don't know. They're exact opposites, and yet, they somehow, sometimes, fit together so perfectly.....that being said, Lavenza does like someone else, so.....I guess if....well, we always have Izdriel's fanfiction, basically.

She also mentions, quite a lot, how she once wanted to marry Archangel Michael. Guess she had a bit of a crush on him at some point...still does, I bet...heh heh..