An eccentric "Angel" who's known for many things, but mainly for getting herself into the weirdest and most absurd of situations without even trying. No, seriously, she doesn't even have to leave her house, but something weird will probably happen anyway, because this is Lavenza we're talking about.

Lavenza's known for seemingly living in her own world a lot of the time. Despite this, she is very knowledgeable about many different things on a level that most people aren't. Some of this stuff is (very) confusing to the Angels....the language of Dragons is very beautiful( and incredibly complicated), and they appreciate that Lavenza's taking the time to try and teach it to them, but they don't quite understand how it's really relevant to, at's not even from their flipping universe...well, neither is Lavenza. Seeing as Lavenza is part Angel, it's always been assumed that her father was an Angel, since her mother isn't...

That fact that Lavenza even exists is a miracle, because her mother took an anti-dragon's bladed tail to the stomach while trying to defend the Angels(who had no idea what it was or how to fight it), resulting in the death of Lavenza's twin. Lavenza must just have been really lucky to survive....Not that she knows any of this, of course. She barely knows anything about herself. Far too much has been hidden from her either out of necessity or due to a belief that the truth would do her more harm than good.

Nothing noteworthy really happened in Lavenza's childhood. She eventually met Izdriel and Azukriel, who became her best friends, but it was mostly just her, Lumineira, Archangel Ikatracia(who was Lumineira's best and probably only friend 'cause everyone else was terrified of her), and Goldon'Geyzsron, which came and went whenever it pleased and oftentimes appeared only to Lavenza. Lavenza did have a problem with being excessively violent for her age, even knifing a few poor souls to death. Needless to say, things probably wouldn't have turned out very well for her if any of the Angels found out about this, but, thankfully, she grew out of it pretty quickly, mainly due to the fear of disappointing her mother and being a disgrace to the family name. Even to this day, that seems to be her greatest fear. Dragons do tend to place a massive emphasis on honouring your predecessors, after all.

Lavenza always thought Dharkron was kinda weird, but he seemed like a nice guy, so when he asked her out on a date, whatever that is, she agreed. When he told her that he loved her, she said that she loved him too...he was almost like a brother to her. He was terrified of her mother, and she couldn't blame him, because most people were. She tried telling him that she was actually really nice, but he just kept shaking. Was he cold? It was the middle of July...maybe he had a fever? Wait...did Angels even get sick?

Seeing as literally every Angel ever seemed to be madly in love with Archangel Michael, Lavenza figured she should pretend to follow suit, definitely worked. It didn't take long for her to become known as his biggest fan even though she probably couldn't care less about him. Oddly enough, Michael seemed to be pretty fond of Lavenza as well...despite having only ever spoken to her a grand total of 3 times in his entire life.

Lavenza eventually adopts a little Shadow Creature which she names Zakriel. She later obtains a Dragon egg from which the Dragonling Sundancer hatches. She also...uh...artificially creates some sort of...thing that seems to call itself "Grr". I suppose if the whole Fallen Angel thing doesn't work out, she can always open a zoo for supernatural and magical creatures.

While Lavenza loves Luraxia very much, taking care of a child is tedious and difficult, and she's almost positive that she doesn't really want any more children in the future(not that she ever wanted Luraxia, but-...), still, she is only 21, and immortal, so you never know what could happen...

Looking back on it, Lavenza isn't surprised that Dharky managed to get himself kicked out of Heaven. He was always complaining about how crappy a lot of things were, and how it'd be way more fun down on Earth, and well, he got his wish. Lavenza felt...mildly upset, but she had a child(and a menagerie of monsters) to look after, so there was no time for dwelling on what couldn't be changed. Dharky didn't stay lonely for too long though, because Lavenza managed to get herself kicked out of Heaven at the age of 21...seeking him out wasn't on the top of her to-do list, however, so...I guess Dharky's still lonely after all. RIP. She was more concerned about how her mother and kid were doing, but visiting them probably wouldn't end very well for her, since she's not quite sure what exactly the boss man would do to her if he found her, but she doesn't want to be sure.