Kithcen Creatures are monsters made out of different types of instruments in the Wyvern Way!

Appearence []

Forkus is a mutant fork with multiple eyes that takes the humans and eats them!

Crystallize Knife is a giant knife with two eyes and a diamond in the center of it,It isn't violent with angell!

Sucky is a giant knife,He wants to cut angell's body but the crystal knife one will try stop it!

Cupboard Imps are threatening brown imps with leather skin and spiky horns.

Deep Freeze Trolls are huge brutes with blue skin found in the freezer. They arm themselves with massive frozen objects.

Sink Kelpies are disgusting blue horse demons that reside in the kitchen sink

Minotaur- The most fearsome of all kitchen creatures, he resides in the pantry, next to the chocolate digestives.

Manticore- Also found in the pantry it likes to confusing riddles before killing its victims.

Dullahans- found next to the cereal, they are bloody corpses riding on elephants that swing a girl’s spinal cord as a weapon.

Cetus- A terrifying sea monster from the pipes, it’s massive and resembles the kraken

More soon!


They normally spawn in the Kithcen of the level,If Angell enters the Kithcen,They start chase her except the crystallize knife for unknown reasons,TO stop forkus you need to use acid!I will work on this a little more,Expand this of you want!


Coming Soon!