Keys are important items in AEWVS.

Chemistry Level[]

Green Key - found in the staff locker room, it opens the punishment room during a punishment, the artillery room( a square room with rusted weapons and torture devices)and the old gallery( a room with stripy wallpaper and fan art & creepy pastas on easels. It also contains the orange door key. Orange door key- found in the old gallery, it opens the rusty closet ( a small room with upturned chairs and desks containing a sacred cross and a money note)and the toys room( a dark room where puppet spawns with disfigured marionettes.You lose sanity quickly in this room, but there are several useful items here) Purple door key- How to obtain: Go into teacher’s lounge.Throw a fat Pigeon and a chocolate muffin at the anguished man painting to break it and reveal a door. Use the key artifact to open the head teacher’s office( a strange room containing bones and organs, as well as desk with a map on)and find the purple key.It can be used to open the Hall of ages

Film Studies( wip)[]

Green Key- opens the shower closet, the steam room, the dormitory and the hideout Orange Key- found in a safe, the code is ****. Purple Key opens the office.

Rusty Key[]

The rusty key is an archaic key that is used to open VILE’s office, which contains useful items and secrets about VILE.This rusty key can be found in one of the passages from the Rusty Circuitry. 9672