Kalinka is the main protagonist of Advanced Education: Fit of Rage, an AEwVS fangame by AbsolLover66.


Kalinka is a 10-year old girl with pale skin, long dark brown hair and blank blue eyes. She's wearing a white dress and doesn't have shoes on. Kalinka has a big scar on the right side of her face.


Kalinka came to Viktor's school after running away from her home when she realized that David (her father) was just using her. Unlike all the other students (except Angell and Albert(?)), Kalinka has the ability to reset timelines, which gives her the possibility to try escaping the school over and over again. Kalinka has a lot of determination and maybe tried it like a hundred times already.

Her power source is a spirit demon named Spirit (not very creative, I know). Spirit also calls herself Kalinka though. The spirit demon was born in Kalinka's soul when her father started abusing her. Spirit doesn’t forcefully take control over Kalinka's body. She only supports her when Kalinka calls for her help, but if Spirit notices that Kalinka is in danger, she suggests that Kalinka gives her the control.

After Kalinka got the scar on her face from Viktor, she snapped and killed everyone in the school. When that was done, Kalinka started to feel very lonely since she had nowhere else to go. She soon realized her mistake and reset the timeline.

Everyone is afraid of her. Viktor promised Kalinka that he will never hurt her again, under one condition: she leaves his friends alone. That's why the staff members are nice to Kalinka and try to ignore her mistakes. Now they all live together in mistrust.