Jemima Gomez is the teacher and main character of the film studies level of AEWVS.


Jemima is a skeleton, her bones tinted brown.She wears a leather mask to protect her fragile face.

She has two pigtails coming down the sides of her head and, wears a grey blouse with a red and blue skirt.


Upon greeting her, Jemima is kind and helpful to the player, but as soon as they incorrectly label a film poster in the Filmatron 554, she becomes livid and tries to murder the player with a large flail.Also, she can travel through various paintings around the school,to find shortcuts no one else can access .She is terrified of coffee , and runs to the shower to wash if the player spills coffee on her.


”Greetings!Welcome to my floor! I shall now tell you what to do!Go to the first classroom and solving about film posters ! and don’t think about getting a question wrong, because something bad will always happen...”(plays when the player enters the level)

”Welcome to the Filmatron 554! Now you must correctly label the film poster!”(Plays when the player starts the first notebook )

”Tip 1:Don’t ignore the fat chef ; he loves attention !”(plays randomly when the player is solving the notebook)

”Tip 2: Watch out for that old woman, she likes scaring students!”( plays randomly when the player is solving the notebook

“Tip 3: Keep any coffee away from me; I absolutely hate it !”(plays randomly when the player is solving the notebook)

”Tip 4: Watch out for those massive white long things!Try to kill them if you can!”( plays randomly when the player is solving the notebook)

Tip 5: Make sure those ugly white squid things don’t touch my lovely paintings!(plays when the player is solving the notebook)

”Oh dear.That’s a wrong answer.”(Plays when the player gets an answer wrong)

”AAAAAAAAAAARGH!”(Plays when Jemima starts chasing the player)

”Tip 6: Now you’ve done all work,P!$$ OFF FROM MY FLOOR!!!”( plays when the player collects the penultimate notebook)

”Brilliant job!You won!”(Plays at the end of the level)