Lavenza's always liked Shadow Creatures. Anyway...did it really surprise anyone when she tried to make her own version?

You wouldn't take her for much of a scientist, but somehow, she manages to create a weird, ungodly, artificially engineered monstrosity. When it goes berserk and tries to destroy everything that even remotely resembles a living creature, no one is surprised, except for Lavenza, obviously.

The best way to describe the creature, according to Azukriel is "A Dragon-Snake-Centipede-Shadow Creature-Thing."

Lavenza's gonna have a fun time explaining all of this to Michael and the other Archangels, isn't she?

Despite the extremely chaotic first moments of its life, "grrr"( the first word that came from the abomination's mouth, which also ends up becoming it's "name") seems to, on a very basic level, obey Lavenza's commands.

It has been known to be capable of tearing through multiple anti-dragons in one go. It would make an excellent living weapon, however controlling it does not seem currently possible.

(Technically, the first thing that the monster "said" was "I, grrr", but the "I" part would sort of ruin the name)