Henry Wilson is the 7th teacher of Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski. He is the teacher in the Art Level, unlocked when you pass the Literacy Level!


Henry wears a black mask like Viktor's Mask! He has no face! Also he is wearing a blue jacket, a dark orange t-shirt, black pants and black boots!


He likes art very much! Don't make mistakes! So.. You need to write the author of the picture in the input field! Heres 5 questions! Solve him correctly Voiced by NoteVibes Free (English(US) John, edited in Audacity) 

Default Audio[]

Sound Description
Plays when Henry welcoming the player!
(LOUD) Weird Jumpscare!
Plays when you made mistake (not lil puss mode)
He saying it, before chase!

In Notebooks Audio[]

Sound Description
The first example.
The second example.
The third example.
The fourth example.
The fifth example.

Lil Puss Audio[]

Sound Description
When you made mistake #1
When you made mistake #2
When you made mistake #3