A notorious serial killer and massive nuisance/ troublemaker among the Angels. Nobody's quite sure what exactly is wrong with him. There is a strong suspicion that he might be a half-breed, but it's never been confirmed. It's left everyone to wonder how someone can be as sick in the head as he is.

No one knows where he came from or who his family is. Now that I think about it, nothing is really known about this guy, except that he's a sicko. There have been several attempts to terminate him, but he is surprisingly difficult to kill, and seems to wipe the floor with basically anyone who tries to kill him. They've settled for just locking him up for now.

After Lavenza is captured and imprisoned by the S.T.D.K, she meets Helciphien, and the two of them hatch an escape plan. As it turns out, they make quite the duo...

...Heaven better watch out.