The healthcare level is a a fanmade level for AEWVS. The teacher is Yvonne Lascalles, a blue skinned amphibious creature that has learned to walk on land. What the player must do in this level is collect 31 first aid kits and find the correct code to unlock the elevator.

Greeting Room[]

The greeting room is a small rectangular room with a locked cupboard(which is completely inaccessible), 2 bins, a lockpick, and a door to the first classroom


There are white-tiled walls and black metal chairs, and cupboards which function the same as . Instead of notebooks, there are first aid kits the player has to collect. In the kits , there is a pamphlet containing basic multiple choice questions about medicine and healthcare, which the player must answer. The impossible question is a question with three incorrect answers to choose from.


Yvonne Lascalles-The devoted teacher of the healthcare level who appears to be some sort of mutant. Her main mechanic is placing down fake tiles which look slightly different which tell her exactly where the player is.Also, she can send Kavotia to hunt the player down in later parts of the level.

Geshirak-A parisitic entity made from bones which causes the player to hallucinate if they get too close. However, the player can dismantle it by taking away bones and putting them in bins.

Mailon-Self proclaimed coach of the school who helps teach students self defence by throwing pieces of fresh fruit at the player. If enough are dodged, Mailon will give the player a notebook.

Soul Drinkers-Hostile ghouls who are Yvonne's failed patients, and are trapped in the school. They cause sanity and blood loss. They can be stopped if the player pours blood in the sink.

Serpentos- A very rare character who is Yvonne's nemesis. If you find all of his snakes and have the right artefact, he will get into a lengthy debate with Yvonne, completely distacting her from the player.


Normal ending-After 30 kits are completed, all npcs(excluding Serpentos) chase down the player as they find the last first aid kit. Once the player manages to reach the elevator, all npcs except for Yvonne vanish and she congratulates them, giving them a cupofsoup, an artefact which gives the player 75 seconds of stamina and can be refilled occasionally.

Lil Puss-Serpentos goes throught the level with the player instead of Viktor, but discourages them from playing the actual level, rather than viktor insulting them.

666 ending-The floor goes very dark, and the player is affected by soul drinkers and geshirak constantly. If completed Yvonne gives the player a jumbo cupofsoup which gives infinite stamina while in the player's inventory.

Serpentos ending-No final chase or rewards as Yvonne and Serpentos are still arguing.