He’s a Thot is an AEwVS OC created by a user named Pluto Neon on

Basic Info[]

Name: He's a Thot

Sex: Male

Age: ???

Species: Giant Cat

Occupation: Thug/Delinquent

Debut: History level


Mechanics: He's-a-Thot will stand in the middle of a random corridor, in front of the elevator and other random outside doors, and over notebooks. He serves as an It's-a-Bully counterpart and tollbooth. His toll requirements are a little bit more specific: give him a total of 75 cents to pass, a lighter with a flash joint, sour sauce and cheddar chips, or a staff key. If you give him one of these items/combination of items, he will take it and glide away somewhere else (not teleport) and stay there idle to block that area (he will go to a vending machine first if you give him the 75 cents). Beware, do not touch him without anything good for him or pull out a knife in front of him, or he will chase you and kill you with his bigger knife. Also, avoid giving him the lighter w/joint, as this will make him go away for a while until he realizes the joint is fake, then he will come after you like Mr. Mix and try to kill you for deceiving him. Head-teacher will drag him away only 4 times if she sees him with his knife in his mouth (he takes it out when you approach him, but he doesn't chase you right away until threatened or touched without being paid.) After the 4th time he's punished, he will come out of the punishment room and hunt you down with his knife tucked away from sight and kill you upon contact. He tends to avoid the library, but only prior to hunting you.

Background: He's-a-Thot has been the school's inhuman delinquent and bully for a long time before the protagonist was even registered to the school, probably when the school was actually populated for once. He never attended class, he always loitered in the yards and empty classrooms to enjoy his contraband and count his money and food that he stole from his classmates. One day, when he escalated the upper floors to skip class and avoid the staff, he stumbled upon the 3rd floor and became trapped up there, as the exits and the elevator were all compromised upon arrival, so there was no way of getting down. He met Ms. Freudenmacher up there, who was very surprised that her first student came to her class so early. Ms. Freudenmacher told him to solve her history notebooks before he could be dismissed to his next class, but He's-a-Thot refused, and proceeded to take out his food and drugs in the foyer. Ms. Freudenmacher has asked him if he would mind sharing, but being the jerk he is, he rudely opposes to the idea. Alice never scolded him to finish his assignment, but would not let him leave until he's done so. Still omitting his job to solve her notebooks for days and weeks on end, Alice would kindly provide him with snacks and drinks to keep him alive and well, but this doesn't make him any nicer to her. He's-a-Thot wanders around the floor's corridors and makes the history level his new home. He stumbled across Erie, the Great Librarian, who was actually in a good mood at the time and asked him if there's any book he would like to check out, but he wasn't interested in any of them, except one that Erie always held in her claws: the Rule34 Comix Book. Being a boy of an adulterated nature, he stole the book for himself, read through it until he got done with it, and hid it away without even returning it to its rightful owner. Meanwhile, without anything erotically entertaining to look at, Erie's testosterone (or estrogen) levels started to build up very high, taking a toll on her personality and making her aggressive. Now He's-a-Thot just loiters around the floor out of boredom, hoping someone else will arrive so he can rob them.