The hall of ages is one of the most important and secretive locations in the Chemistry Level of aewvs.It requires the purple key to enter, and if it is reveals a small corridor with three doors;one directly in front of the player,one to the left and one to the right

Left Door[]

If the player isn’t holding the Rusty Fork: an old rusty area with litter , a few useful items, and Viktor’s mask.

If the player is holding the Rusty Fork: The garden of hades,a mysterious area containing bizarre plants and statues,needles and ( most notably)Fayno.

Right Door[]

If the player isn’t holding the rusty knife: the room where the head teacher takes them to be hanged if they’ve had too many warnings.

If the player is holding the rusty knife:the rust maze, a smaller version of the rust labyrinth . It contains some sleeping bags,some organs, some lockers and a vending machine .Importantly,it contains the rusty spoon artifact.

Back Door[]

This a ” keep locked “ door, and requires the black door key artifact to open.It opens to reveal a very dark room, containing 25 holes if all 25 types of bones are placed in the holes, a convicted flesh soul rises out of the ground and gives the player a missing gear artifact.