The Hall Monitor is an enemy of the Coding Level!


He is a humanoid entity with a dark grey shirt and dark blue pants,He wears a pair of black shoes and haves dark Brown hair!Expand this,If you want!


He walks around the corridors to control that peoples doesn't run or leaves trash in the halls,If He sees angell doing one of these things,He will run towards her and if he catches her,He will transport her to Mimi!


"Hey there angell"(When angell interacts with him).

"Don't run in the halls"(When He sees angell running).

"Don't litter in the halls"(When He sees angell leaving an item in the halls).

"In what way?"(When angell asks him to help her).

"No thanks,I'M good"(When angell asks him if she can help him)

"I'M the Hall monitor,MY work is to control the halls and stop bullys and vandalism in the floor!"(When angell asks him who He is)

"You're angell,A new student in the school,If i am not wrong!"(When angell asks him who she is)

"Give me that thing,RIGHT NOW!!!"(When He sees angell holding a cutting item)

"#&C##;&"&O€("#M&$#"E&*($H#(&*E$##&,*#$R&,#*$E,;*#$YOU,&*$^,*$#,LITTLE&*#&(ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!*£#$!%*÷!%÷*!£##^(*@#,&€#!!!"(When angell destroys or takes out every item from the trashcan)


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