The Geometry Level is the unofficial sixth(originally fourth) level of Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski. It can be unlocked after beating the conservatory.

Corvus greats you in a long greeting room telling you to join the next class and learn the shapes of mathematics. The notebooks are dark and rectangular with assorted neon shapes on them, but in the notebooks, there is dots that you have to join up to make shapes, on the side is a window with Corvus in it, and the background of the notebook seems to look like a steering wheel of a car. The last question is jumbled up letters and numbers making it impossible to solve.

Once the notebook is done, an ambiance starts playing and it goes dark and you have to collect 12 more notebooks But you can still see through the halls. Once the final notebook is collected, Corvus will go crazy and starts running really fast and starts teleporting through the walls. If you make it to the elevator, you will proceed to the Geography Level. Nothing else is known about it.